It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Day

Please press play: 

A very close friend of mine (the one and only, Sexy Typewriter) is one of the few people in this world who I know can relate to the absurdity of all of my dating woes. She knows because she’s living them too.  Yesterday, she forwarded an online profile she came across and called the email: “Present for you.”  It was a present I basically threw back at her as soon as I opened it.  I saw the guy’s photos and I wasn’t attracted to him. At all.  But I always read the profile because they may give me a nugget of SOMETHING to work with.  He had a pretty generic write-up and I told her “my computer said no.”

Immediately, I realized what I did and retracted my decision.  Listen guys, I am the first person to tell you I make the wrong decisions with my mens choices. The wrongest in all the land. How successful have I been going for men I’m totally attracted to and swooning over and blah blah blah?  Answer: not successful at all. For so many years I had zero standards – I would just accept any date with anyone who took the time to ask me, seek me out, blink their eye in my direction *single blink* (you get the point).  And these dudes treated me like garbage and it hurt my feelings. Throughout the years (and I’m still learning), I’ve gained standards; and now there are certain things I won’t stand for. If that makes me picky, then hell, it won’t be any worse than it is now.  I’d rather be picky, single and respect myself than passive, coupled and walked all over.

I went back to the dating site and messaged this gentleman (totally not sabotaging the message either!) I gave a little information about myself, asked him a few questions and am awaiting his reply.  Maybe he won’t get back to me ever. Maybe he will.  All in all, I’m just happy I took the guard down and ventured into territory I normally steer away from. The thought that you never know where or when good things may happen is pretty exciting.

I’m using the month of April to open my mind up to new possibilities – not just in romance but with any opportunity that may come my way. And I’m beginning with this tiny change – what if this guy is ridiculously cool and maybe he just isn’t the best writer? What if he’s like me and just doesn’t take a great photo the majority of the time? I can’t confirm nor deny any of this until a connection is made – so here’s to a potential connection. Here’s to everything!


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