Don’t Speak

Please press play: 

This exchange just took place with Apple Juice:

HIM: “Hey… I assume that things between us have fizzled, I did something to turn you off, or you’re busy. That’s ok…I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed meeting you and the time we spent together. It may sound cheesy, but I think you’re really cool! All the best.”

ME: “It’s all good – it didn’t seem like this was going to go anywhere anyway. Which is not a bad thing, just the way it goes sometimes. Take care, <real name here>.”

HIM: “True enough. It was great meeting you.”

Don't speak. I DON'T what you're saying. So please stop explaining. (lyrics altered by me)


One response

  1. Why are you so confused? He did give you clear signals that he was interested, even if he wasn’t paying for your apple juice.

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