(Untitled) How Does It Feel?

PUHLEEEEEZE press play: 

WHAAAAAAAAAT?!!?!!??! *faints*

I’ve really been pushing the idea for people to get a swoon in daily. The type of swooning I’m proposing is best described as entering a state of hysterical rapture or ecstasy.

I challenge you to a Once-A-Day Swoon contest. You must find a reason to swoon everyday – it could be from clothing, men/women, food, etc. The only rule is that it has to happen to you that day. It can’t be a memory of something that happened in the past or something you think might happen in the future. You have to find your swoon-worthy situation throughout the course of your day. And unlike finding the perfect man – finding a reason to swoon is crazy fun.

I’ve never been….ahem…pinterested…in this online bulletin board but hell, I can make a virtual swoon wall to look at whenever I’m feeling low. Obviously, my chosen theme will forever be “Mens.” I will post the individuals worthy of the swoon title throughout the week because I’ll nevah, EVAH, run out of photos that send me to a state of hysterical rapture or ecstasy.  Who knows, one day, you might even make the cut.

You can find my wall of objectification right here. Men, you so fine!

P.S. If dis ya D’Angelo video didn’t make you find your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, then you and I are done here. *single blink* Have a swoon-filled weekend.


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