This Charming Man

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I had this date recently with a real cool cat. You must understand this is very rare for me and I was quite happy about it.  I received a text the Sunday after St. Patrick’s Day asking if he might see me because the weather was amazing and it would be nice to take a cute girl (THAT’S ME!) for ice cream.  I was knee deep in laundry and house-cleaning but I’m not dumb nor dead…I was accepting this invitation!  He let me know where to meet him and off I went to prettify my face and subway to a fun evening out.  He decided gelato would be a better idea and gave me his recommendations. Once we decided on our desired treat, he ushered me to make my order. When the cashier asked me if there was anything else to add to the order, I turned to him and he kind of…leaned back and looked as though he was super-duper interested in something happening on the other side of the counter. *single blink* I realized at that moment I wasn’t being treated to a delicious cold dessert by a charming man.

Now let me clear this up before anyone gets upset – I’m not sayin I’m a gold digger…I’m just saying pay for my damn ice cream…

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The beautiful Toronto skyline


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  1. I try to understand but I don’t. I was going to question how these guys were raised but then again, its not like my mom or dad ever taught me to be chivalrous. I just assumed that THAT is what guys do to get girls! LOL

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