Alright, it’s Childish baby…

HA-HAW! Fooled you! You thought I was done with this noise?!?!!?  Think again. Among the Donald Glover-Community-Derrick Comedy-Childish Gambino fans – I hope to send this pic as far as it can go.  Here’s the deal:  Donald Glover has fractured his foot – the right foot? The left foot? NOBODY KNOWS! They won’t give me his medical records. *single blink*

What I do know is that if he and I were more than fantasy BFFs, I would break out my best Sharpie and sign the HELLS out of his cast and wish him the fastest recovery ever because someone (ME) has been counting down to something (his show) since the day I heard he was coming to Toronto.

Copy and paste the photo, share the photo, RT the photo and hashtag #DonaldsCast and send your well-wishes to your boy.

Shoot @DonaldGlover a message for his cast - #DonaldsCast (Character Design by Create-a-topia)


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