End Of The Road

Please press play (explicit lyrics): 

As we all know because it was in ARIANNE’S HEADLINE NEWS, the Childish Gambino show on March 24th has been postponed until July 31st!  CG fractured his foot last weekend and doctor’s orders are that he stays off it to avoid any surgery. I was heartbroken but then discovered the silver lining – I HAVE MORE TIME!  This will be the end of the Childish Gambino-centric posts but rest assured he will pop up in posts throughout m’bloggin’ life.  Thank you for helping me out and I’ll continue my quest on my own time and if something comes from it – you’ll be the first to know.

Now, I’ve been chirping A LOT about why this dude’s music resonates with me: the trials, tribulations and everything in-between are parallels to my own experiences.  BUT you know me, sometimes it comes down to the songs that make my body pump. No hidden meanings or high moral code.  He has some raw and rowdy tracks that make the butt you didn’t know you had bounce up and down.  One of these tracks is “You See Me,” it’s riddled with quotables that I use on the daily and some of it just make me laugh. He’s still consistent with his jabs to haters but they are so clever and witty and in sync with the vibe of this song you don’t even realize it.

One of my favourite lines:

She got an ugly friend, Roll solo.
Can I stay at your place? No hobo.
Not my fault, man, these ladies love me,
She’s an overachiever ’cause all she do is succeed.

*single blink* If I need to explain the weight and hilarity of that fourth line – you and I cannot remain friends (just kidding, but you’re on the chopping block. DM me for explanation of the line if you’re really stuck).

My life is one big batch of reference and I don’t know if I have one original thought in my head because everything I do/say comes from something I’ve seen/heard. AND CHILDISH DOES THIS IN SPADES. Calling out mega-babes Olivia Munn and Rosie Jones, shining a light on “Tron,” Tumblr mentions and just laying out racial stereotypes LIKE WHOA (this song revolves around his attraction to smart Asian ladies). His rap style in this and other tracks will receive obvious comparisons to Lil Wayne but I can’t penalize him for it. The flow is sick, the song is hard and the beat is dirty.

*GIRL CRUSH ALERT* Olivia Munn is super funny, super sexy and the type of girl I want to be BFFs with. NERDS UNITE!

Enjoy it! Turn the bass up and face your mirrors rear first to watch what happens. Yeah, I know you didn’t know you could drop it like it was actually hot – it’s amazing.  Have a great weekend!

For all the “You See Me” lyrics, click here.


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