I’m Gonna Call Him My Best Friend

Please press play: 

Below is the blurriest photo imaginable. But there is no denying that Childish Gambino has been around someone from my family, THEREFORE he has almost met me.  Also, please pay the specialest (new word I’m testing out) attention to the shadowy indentation in his chest… *single blink*  The Young family genetics have swirled around his world, so guys come on, he and I are basically best friends. It’s time to put us both out of our miseries and just get us to meet on SATURDAY, MARCH 24th.

I’ve been emailing CG’s press agent, the lovely Daniel Weiner (dweiner@bwr-la.com) with my posts. Still no bites but I shall continue on this quest.  The organizations I’ve researched have told me that Childish Gambino does not have any official affiliation with them.  Now I’m asking his “people” for the opportunity to do either or both of these things:

1) Ask Mr. Glover three questions that I can post. I think this would be a great conclusion to this entire campaign.

2) Ask him to sign 3 of his albums (which I already have) to auction from my blog with 100% of the proceeds going to a Toronto organization that helps kids pursue their love of the arts.

Whether I’m able to get my three albums signed at the show or if they can provide them to me – at this point, either would be great but that’s the plan.  So, if you wanna help a girl out (I’m begging you!!!) – please email Daniel Weiner at dweiner@bwr-la.com and let him know that this Toronto thang needs to happen.

A shirtless Childish Gambino and my cousin, Jeff.


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