I’m Going Radio Ga Ga!

Dear G98.7,

I have not listened to the radio in almost a decade until a month ago. I finally drank the G98.7 kool-aid and it was delicious. Mmmm-MMMM! HOWEVER, I’ve noticed I have not heard Childish Gambino’s latest single “Heartbeat” in rotation and it hurts my still-beating heart. CG is performing March 24th in Toronto and you best believe I have tickets. But until then, can you make this grown-ass woman’s little girl’s dream come true and play this song for me, Mr. DJ?  I’m not one to be dramatic *single blink* but it’s my only Christmahanukwanzaa wish to get this song on your station. (Yes, that is a cartoon image of myself and Childish Gambino in my blog’s banner – this is not a game. This is real life!)

"My heart going boom, boom, boom"

Blinking toward hope tomorrow,


MY FRIENDS – please tweet @G987FM and request “Heartbeat!!!” Do they even take requests? I don’t know what the rules are so I’m gonna make up my own. This would just put it over the motha-effin’ top if Childish Gambino was playing on l’airwaves of my favourite station. Also, listen to this station REGARDLESS because you’ll be jamming morning, noon and night.

Thanks for all your help with my posts, everyone. This has been so much fun and your messages to me have made me laugh like you would not believe. Please like my NEW Single Blink Facebook Page here!

The campaign continues… Will I meet him? Has anyone contacted me regarding my interests? FIND OUT NEXT WEEK!

Yeah, you can. Yeah, I did.


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