Heartbeat, My Heartbeat

Please press play (explicit lyrics): 

Dear Loved Ones,

WHAT THE BUMBACLOT IS HAPPENING IN THIS VIDEO?!  EVERYTHING IS WHAT! It begins with Adele “Hometown Glory” Realness, then he drops a beat, we have a “Drive” vibe throughout. Snacks! Makeouts!  The chick is BODACIOUS, the car is rad and I believe I’ve narrowed down the meaning of this video.

Here’s my take on the hotness:

Basically the car represents their relationship, as the driver he thinks he’s in control. He’s going to pick her up (she’s probs using him for the ride). They share some good times (snacks) and eventually decide to bridge the gap between whatever “it” is. The backseat represents insecurity – they turn to each other because of it. BLOGGERS NOTE: Why the hell she stopped making out with Donald Glover is beyond me, but b!tch be crazy (I know it’s scripted…leave me be)!!!  *single blink*

In Napoleon Dynamite's voice, all I can say is "Lucky..."

She exits the backseat after getting what she came for, leaving him in the land of insecurity. Now she’s in the driver’s seat, literally and figuratively. He’s left to deal with his own thoughts, the knowledge that she won’t ever really be with him. Point is, it’s a game we all play taking/relinquishing control of certain situations with certain people to match our needs and desires of the moment. I’ve done it. He’s definitely, DEFINITELY done it. Hot damn, I’m about to watch him do it again… And when all is said and done, we’ll most likely repeat the same gloriously, fulfilling sexual encounter mistake over and over again.  I have no idea if any of this is true or not but I’d like to believe Childish would leave this one open for interpretation.

WITHOUT GOOGLING, let me know what you get from the video.

Yours Truly,



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