Say My Name, Say My Name

Day 1 of this campaign was out of all control! I received so many well-wishes from strangers it was almost overwhelming. A SPECIAL shoutout to G98.7FM who retweeted my post as soon as I sent them a request. I felt the Toronto love all day long and whatever happens, friends, this will be worth the fun!

Please press play: 

I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and entrust myself to the infamous Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator so I, too, can be just like Donald Glover. You may or may not know his name “Childish Gambino” came from a Wu-Tang Name Generator. In his words, “My favorite thing is people are always like, ‘You’re the same person?’ There’s no difference between Donald Glover and Childish Gambino – they’re the same. I just want people to come at my music differently, because if CAMP was a Donald Glover album they’d be like, ‘Okay, this is a joke record.’ But I don’t look at writing comedy as any different from writing raps.”  You can read the entire write-up here.

Yesterday I found a couple sites (who knew this was ACTUALLY a thing?) that would give me what I needed.  For example, if I wanted to generate a Wu-Tang name for “Single Blink,” the blog’s new name would be “Radiophonic Oddity” or “Gentlemen Pupil depending on which site you use.  Wow, Radiophonic Oddity sounds kinda hot, doesn’t it? Hmmmm….. And so, I’m asking all of you to choose your favourite Wu-Tang name generated (just for me) based on my real name:

  1. Sarkastik Watcher
  2. Phantom Specialist
  3. Embryonic Crusadah

I have my favourite but I won’t try to sway your decision. One can only believe this will make meeting me more appealing. That one is me and me alone. Look at the intense effort I’ve put into this campaign, guys! I SEARCHED for name generators on my computer, I FOUND some I thought would work, I TYPED in my name AND PRESSED enter and now I’m asking you to CHOOSE the name. *single blink* Phew! Well, I’m spent.  Please leave your vote for name #1, name #2 or name #3 in my comments so we know the result is on the up-and-up…and <insert Wu-Tang Name Generated moniker here>, I’m out.

If you’re interested in finding out Wu you are – try this or this and let me know what your name is!


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