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An impromptu Sunday post because I’ve received so many messages about missing nicknames from Friday’s list.  Here are the honourable mentions of men past:

Shia – self-explanatory. His face favoured the Labeouf (except WAY hotter) therefore I was a big, dirty goblet of chocolate pudding under his power. Dammit!

The Breadmaker – first date, he decided to whip up some bread. From scratch. Made with the flour he milled. Nothing else he ever does will ever be more impressive than this.

Dutty S.C. – no story here. When push comes to shove, we just attach “Dutty” somewhere and the nickname is born. My cousin and I coined this one and it has stuck all these years later.

So congratulations, boys. You registered enough to make an appearance post-post. Feel special.

Happy Sunday, y’all!


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