Know When To Fold ‘Em

Please press play: 

I’ve equated my dating life thus far to a never-ending game of Blackjack with an old, garage-saled deck of cards.  Let me explain!

  • This battered deck has seen better days, its box is held together by Scotch tape, a rubber band and a prayer.
  • That card with ‘Basic Playing Instructions’ – well, that’s gone. So I really have no clue how to play (the idea seems straight forward but obviously some skill and finesse is required).
  • I do not have the time for BJ lessons! *single blink*  Ahem. Moving on…
  • There are no face cards in this deck.

But wait?! There are NO face cards in this deck!!! How in the HELL am I supposed to win a hand when the Kings have all been replaced with Jokers?

Just an "A"ri hoping for a "K"ing

The answer’s simple: for those willing to stay at the table, make up your own rules. For those like me, trash the Jokers and buhn the games.

Good luck.


2 responses

  1. That’s actually a very apt metaphor. When I gamble, the second I start winning, I cash out and walk away, because I can’t stand the thought of losing. In looking at my dating life, I have always been the dumper in my life and never the dumpee – I always walk away before anything can go wrong.

    I don’t even think my deck came with basic playing instructions!

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