The winner of the date is…

Please press play:

Alright, the time has come – so let’s keep this short & sweet!  Here are the date options one more time:

# 1 – good evening lovely how u doing
just a bless ur page,hoping i can get 2 know u on a friend vibe, then if things good maybe we link
so hows ur weekend going,hope i hear bck fr u

#2 – I feel like u took my heart and set it on fire and now my love forever burns for you

#3 – I came across your profile and you seem like a really sweet girl. I was thinking we could hang out have some wine and get to know each other better…I will also spoil you with a nice foot massage ;)

#4 – Hi sweetheart very nice to meet you. I’m Russian background. I love what I see. I would love to know you better. I think look beautiful

#5 – hi

After tallying the comments (posted and private), #5 was the resounding winner.  His simple approach seemed to resonate with most of you.


Not one f*ckin’ one. I saved all five of these initial messages to remind me of my moments of weakness where I pursued each and everyone of these shiny beacons of awesomeness. They ALL went silent.  Physically, none of these guys were my “type” but I figured I needed to get out of my own way and see what else this city has to offer.  I mean, if these guys wrote me, they were obviously interested in me…RIGHT?!  NO!  Not the case. It’s funny how my “online” dating life can mimic my “real” life.

Thanks for playing.


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