I Think I’m Gonna Marry You

Please press play:

Which of these fine opening lines won me over and got me to accept a date?  All of these were the FIRST messages sent from each potential suitor. Don’t be jealous. I think who I chose will surprise you.  I will reveal on Monday, so leave your guesses in the comments!

# 1 – good evening lovely how u doing
just a bless ur page,hoping i can get 2 know u on a friend vibe, then if things good maybe we link
so hows ur weekend going,hope i hear bck fr u

#2 – I feel like u took my heart and set it on fire and now my love forever burns for you

#3 – I came across your profile and you seem like a really sweet girl. I was thinking we could hang out have some wine and get to know each other better…I will also spoil you with a nice foot massage 😉

#4 – Hi sweetheart very nice to meet you. I’m Russian background. I love what I see. I would love to know you better. I think look beautiful

#5 – hi

*single blink*



17 responses

  1. 1-too much bad English
    2-like it….but does cause the eye roll
    3-referencing feet as an opener *trap door opens, candidate disappears* and I like feet.
    4-see #1 AND it’s all about how you LOOK
    5- this is The One

  2. I would normally go with #5 but I’d be expecting something a little more than hi to get my attention. So I’m going with #2. I’m thinking the vibe is more funny/playful than creepy instant love based on an online dating profile.

  3. 1) Is a firm hell to the no…
    2) Sounds like a budding stalker, bout “my love burns for you”…see a doctor bro, a lil penicillin will clear that right up (lmao)!
    3) You wanna rub my feet on the 1st date?!?! Eew…pass.
    4) Has potential.
    5) No effort/interest shown…pass.

    I’m guessing #4

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