Love Is An Echo

And now we’ve reached my #1 lurve in Single Blink’s Countdown to Valentine’s Day. I may have cheated a likkle bit because there are five components to make up my one true love.  Let me tell you about them.

I could’ve copied and pasted a blurb from some random press release OR requested a professionally-written bio from the band but that wouldn’t be my style. Instead I will tell you about these dudes, these dudes who don’t know how much they mean to me.

Bands have come and gone, but the moment Rikers became this….this thing – my life changed.  I remember hearing three songs in .mp3 format.  When I was asked my humble opinion on these tracks, I think I said something to the effect of, “These songs would make me wait until the end of the movie to see the titles and who sung them.  They should be in the most romantic part of a John Hughes movie.”  THEY SHOULD BE IN THE  MOST ROMANTIC PART OF A JOHN HUGHES MOVIE!  If you know me, this is the best compliment I could give because I LIVE for an 80’s teen romance and subsequent soundtrack.  The seed was planted and Rikers roots took hold of my soul.

Rikers Setlist

The band is compromised of five forces of nature:

Curt Jackson (drums, human) – he’s got the beat, in spades.  I had a real problem when Curt joined the band.  Originally, there was a drum machine and the retro-ness of that sound resonated with me.  I remember the first show I attended and saw a drummer; I near blew a damn gasket.  By the time he played the first beat on the first song in that first show, my heart grew three sizes.

Colin Spencer (bass and forgetful) – he and I have met on a few occasions but those meetings didn’t seem to stick. It wasn’t until the band’s most recent residency at The Garrison that we made an honest-to-goodness connection. I’m pretty sure he’ll remember from now on. Colin had A LOT to live up to; the role as bass player alongside Mr. Kennedy has ALWAYS been filled by another love (you’ll hear about him at a later date). I was obviously skeptical but it didn’t take long for me to come to my senses.

Alex Perry (synth/keys, Pompadour Aficionado) – First of all, his hair is immaculate.  He stepped out of “West Side Story” and now plays keys for a living. This dude is behind the sound that sets them apart for me.  Hearing a synthesizer in music acts like my own person flux capacitor; my mind, body and soul is Deloreaned back to a time of Reebok pumps and friendship bracelets.  Of Pogo balls and Fun-Dip.  Alex is responsible for the overwhelming feeling of nostalgia I get during every show.  Pay attention to the intro of “I’m On The Radio” and we’ll talk later.

Russ Davidson (guitar, real-life animé character) – Russell is the guy in the band I’ve known the second longest and I knew what he was capable of. When he and Mr. Kennedy joined forces, he surpassed every expectation I had. He has the eyes of a Japanese cartoon character, all wide, full of wonder and innocence. Yet with his ‘stache and finger-pickin’ goodness, he’s anything but. This guy is head-to-toe, fret-to-fret gold.  The first time I met him at The Bovine Sex Club we took a photo together. Now Imma let you finish David Lachapelle but this was the BEST PHOTO OF ALL TIME! Upon my arrival home, I discovered the photo never saved on my camera. I’ve always mourned the loss of that pic but now he gives me the music which more than makes up for it.

Ryan Kennedy (lead singer, my idol) – He’s the quintessential frontman. He’s my style inspiration. Guys want to be him; girls want to be with him. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Unbreakable,” Elijah Price has this speech about Superman.  He basically says most superheroes are regular guys who happen across these powers that turn them into these heroes.  But Superman was born Superman, he dressed, acted and spoke like the rest of us just to fit in.  That’s the best way I can describe Ryan Kennedy.  He was born a rockstar, he just goes through the daily motions to deflect any attention until he’s called to action but make no mistake…he’s not like the rest of us and never will be.

This is the way I feel about this band.  I encourage you to seek them out. And when you do, you’ll find me in the front row.  I literally love this band…


*single blink* Respecognize.

If you want to know/hear/see more – here is where I get my fix:
YOUTUBE (Blogger’s Note: Please watch the “Call Me A Man” video)
Download their free EP here

Please press play and I dare you to deny this should end a coming-of-age 80’s flick:


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