Day #7 – Inappropriate Love Pt. 2

Blogger’s note – SOMEONE clicked on Nick Jonas’ photo yesterday. While technology cannot tell me who, I feel closer to whomever that was.  Dutty minds, dutty hearts.  And now Part 2 – my loves of an inappropriate nature.

I don’t think this is inappropriate but some do. My only instruction for those people is to line up single file and delicately suck my left nut (if I had one.) I love older mens. Emphasis on the double pluralization of that word.  I love ALL the older mens. *single blink*  Did I stutter? Are you honestly telling me Pierce couldn’t get it?

Pierce Brosnan - AGE 58

WHAT?! 58 and hot as Hades; he’s one of those men who get sexier and sexier with age. Can I get a roll call…? David Bowie?  Sting? George Clooney? Greg Kinnear? Rob Lowe? Like, whoa. Give me all of them with a side of bacon and I’ll call it breakfast – THE most important meal of the day (there will be another ‘breakfast’ reference shortly). When I saw the premiere of “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” I thought it was filmed in RealD ‘cuz his shoulders damn near knocked me out of my seat. SWOOOOON! That Irish accent, those eyes, that smirk. I can’t.

To drive my point home – lemme hit you with A LIKKLE AH DIS (translation: “a little of this”):

Liam Neeson - AGE 59

BUH-DAMN! Listen real close. Do you hear that sizzle? That’s an ovary omelette; this pic is so hot it’s cooked every egg I have left inside of me. 59 years old? How about fifty-FINE!  Is it wrong to wish I was in that baby’s position? Hold me closer, Liam Neeson.

Check y’all on Monday when I try to find some decorum (HAHAHA! It’s funny because I won’t find any). Until then…please press play:


9 responses

  1. He’s FIFTY-NINE? Liam? Whaaaat?! You lie. That’s impossible.

    (Also, now I’m going to click through all your photos, now that I know you’re checking for that)

  2. “Do you hear that sizzle? That’s an ovary omelet; this pic is so hot it’s cooked every egg I have left inside me” has to be THE funniest thing I have EVER read!
    Thank you!!! Much needed on a frosty Friday morning!

  3. There is nothing wrong with luvin the older “menses” they are absolutely delishising & that pic of Liam Neeson holding the baby also succeded in burning up my eggs too! HOT DAMN that is the sexiest I’ve ever seen him. Still swooning in my corner of the GTA…

    • Oh I know there’s nothing wrong. I will never have an issue. I’m saying for those who have one – suck it. The left one.

      Liam is like fiyah and that’s really all there is to say about that.

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