Day #8 – Inappropriate Love Pt. 1

Did you miss me?  Let’s continue with Single Blink’s countdown to Valentine’s Day – love of an inappropriate nature.

I watch A LOT of Nickelodeon, Family Channel and YTV and I respond well to humour.  It’s not my fault that some of these up-and-comers are showing me their potential. I’m not telling them to work out.  I’m not telling them to wear these clothes. I’m not telling them to be so young.  What I AM telling you is that none of this is actually my fault. *single blink* HERE ARE MY ALMOST HALF-AGE LOVES:

Nick Jonas - AGE 19

WHY DOES HE HAVE MUSCLES ALREADY? He was so young, like, yesterday. *crying*

Jake T. Austin - AGE 17

Seven-effing-teen! Why you so debonaire for? What can you offer us?  Nothing, because you’re still doing your homework.

And the pièce de resistance:


Patrick Schwarzenegger - AGE 18


Patrick Schwarzenegger - AGE 18


Patrick Schwarzenegger - AGE 18

Hide yo’ kids.

 Please press play:


7 responses

    • YES! EFFING SKELETOR and Tarzan’s boy. Do you remember when he was that shaggy-haired forget-me-not on the sidelines of basketball games? NO MORE. He’s fine. FINE AS HELL. I follow him on Twitter just to smell him. Beautiful boy. Sigh.

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  2. Haha! Your post is HILARIOUS. I feel the same way. I look at these young boys and swoon and realize they’re barely legal! I feel so perverse until I see posts like these. The KABLAM’s just add to the emphasis. LOL Thank you for sharing!

    • Kate! Thank you for getting this. These little boys are beautiful and yeah, we all know they’re young…and there’s a double standard too. Grown men drooling over under age girls…ew and creepy. But I mean, we’re human, right? I’m not going to bed them but dammit, if you look like a man, I’ll swoon like a woman. Period.


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