Day #9 – I Heart Donald Glover

Just a heads up – I will be calling on all of you to help me in my March campaign. What’s this campaign, you ask?  It is my:


Yes! I will be holding a 24 day campaign (March 1st -24th) to tell you why I love this man-boy so deeply it hurts my insidey parts. Mr. Childish Gambino himself, Donald Glover will play the Sound Academy on Saturday, March 24th.  Where I’ll be. Listening. Watching. Loving.

I need all of you to bombard his Twitter timeline with messages of my campaign and hashtag the hell out of it (i.e. #CampaignToMeetDonaldGlover or #MeetBettykissToronto). If this ACTUALLY happens, you will audibly hear me explode on the evening of Saturday, March 24th.  Please…help me explode.

I love you, Donald Glover.  With my whole heart.  And with a little bit of my spleen.

Press play if you need to feel something. Stay tuned for March 1st – this is your call to action:


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