Day #10 – Men Of 80’s Movies

Judd Nelson ( John Bender – “The Breakfast Club“)
I freeze-frame my arm in the air at least twice a week because this character exists. The fact his ear was conveniently pierced (probably in his Junior High bathroom with a safety pin) just to receive Claire’s gift of a diamond stud was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.  I wanted to run my fingers through his hair all day long and wish he and ‘Basketcase’ Sheedy were the pair that got together (I related to her the most).

James Spader (Steff – “Pretty In Pink“)
His name was Steff.  His hair was created by a combination of a roller set and barrel brush blow-dry (I’m assuming!) He spit in the hallway of his school. He is the only pop-collared boy I’ve ever been attracted to.  Wear that white suit every. damn. day.

Michael E. Knight (Jim Sanders – “Date With An Angel“)
This is one of my favourite movies and no one ever knows what I’m talking about. Brief Synopsis: An angel hits a satellite (obviously) while flying in space above the earth. She is discovered, face down and unconscious in Jim’s pool and well, the rest really should be seen by your eyeballs.

John Cusack (Lloyd Dobler – “Say Anything“)
Nuff said.

Michael Schoeffling (Jake Ryan – “Sixteen Candles“)
I have to call Jake Ryan by his first and last name any time I refer to him. To this day I dream my future husband will dress exactly like Jake Ryan. And so will our future sons. All six of them.

Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller – “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off“)
His performance to “Twist & Shout” is my EVERYTHING.  So is his vest.

Please press play (WARNING: Karl Wolf will greet you when you press play):


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