Day #13 – A Love Letter To Men With Accents

Happy Groundhog Day! I hope you’re all getting your Bill Murray on tonight.  We are on #13 in the Single Blink’s Countdown to Valentine’s. I hope you enjoy today’s love letter.

Dear Men With Accents,

Talk that talk all up in my eardrums.  You can sing it, whisper it, scream it…fake it. Literally, any accent will do.

Javier Bardem? Sure.

Idris Elba? You know this.

Colin Firth? I gets the vapours.

Sean Connery? To this damn day.

Sylvester Stallone? I can’t understand a word you say so I’m calling it an accent…and he can get it.

This guy :

BRB – I need to change my panties…

AND BACK!  An accent is just so sexy for absolutely no reason.  However, there are exceptions to every rule. I may lose most of you on what I’m about to say next but I stand by my opinion. David Beckham is next-level hot, can we get a Halla-lou?  But I would pay him in silver & gems for the rest of my life to never utter another word. SHUT UP, DAVEY! Have you really, truly listened to him speak? It’s a bigger turn-off/let down than Ryan Gosling deeming Eva Mendes worthy of a relationship (Yeah, I said it! Like he’ll see this).  While Beckham has an accent, his pitch is all wrong thus negating my whole heart’s love for him.

Promise me you’ll listen to the video below with your eyes closed and your monitor off.  You WILL be deafened by his gorgeousness so precautions must be taken. It’s been foretold his beauty would give Helen Keller back all five of her senses.

Exhibit “A-ccent:”

On that note (I think he was talking in the range of High E Above Middle C), he’s married to a beauty with four beautiful children and a beautiful career.  So to all the men in this world with accents, I love you with everything I am.  But David…I can’t actually hear a word you’re saying but it seems every stray dog in the vicinity can. *single blink with a side eye for dessert*

Please press play:


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