Single Blink’s Countdown to Valentines: #14 – Love A Heart

Please understand this ENTIRE post is unsolicited – I love what this organization is doing and I’m going to tell you why.  Let’s get into it…

I’ve worked with so many groups over the course of my life including Autism Speaks, CAMH & The Humane Society.  This year I found out about Love A Heart – a Bachelor/Bachelorette auction benefiting The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

I’m sure your mind was just blown so let me reiterate it for your eyeballs.  This event is rife, RIFE I SAY, with Toronto’s finest bachelors and bachelorettes being auctioned to benefit The Heart and Stroke Foundation. This entire night is MC’d by  Shannon Kelly (host of The Toronto Rock) and the bow-tie king, Shawn Hawaii!  Each date comes with a date package that’s completely paid for – doubling your fun.  While I’m only a guest this time around, I hope to somehow be involved next year (hint! hint!) So this is my love letter to Shannon Hunter & #LoveAHeart…  To put it simply, you’re doing a wonderful thing and I wish you many, many more years of success with this auction!

Here’s the information you need to know as I’m sure you’re logging into EasyWeb now to check your balance.  The 1st of every month is the rudest day there can ever be.

Event: Love A Heart (#LoveAHeart)
Date: Thursday, February 9, 2012
Time: Doors open @ 8PM | 1st Auction 9:30PM, 2nd Auction 11:30PM
Location: The Hideout | 484 Queen St West, Toronto, ON M5V 2B2
Cover: $5!!!
Special Musical Guests: Tiny Danza (EFF YEAH!)

Ladies, here are your bachelors:

Matt Roik, Starting Goalie for the Toronto Rock
Brock Mclaughlin, @BrockMclaughlin
Dan Levy, @TheDanLevy
Scott Cavalheiro, @ScottCavalheiro
Jeff Cole, @iamjeffcole
Sheldon Levine, @40deuce
Kerry Morrison, @kmore
Wilder Wier, @wilderweir
Mike Bradwell, Toronto Argonauts Wide Receiver
Richard Scott, NHL Alum & former New York Ranger 

Fellas, do not pretend like your pants haven’t shrunk three sizes Google-searching these fine women:

Casie Stewart, @CasieStewart
Raymi Lauren White, @RaymiTheMinx
Danielle Baker, @Danny_MB
Regina Sy, @FragileHeart
Christine Estima, @ChristineEstima
Lisa Marie Chen, @SciontistLC
Michelle Beilhartz, @MichelleHartz
Meg Button, @MegButton
Sofi Pa, @sexytypewriter
Kat Stefankiewicz, @MatterofKAT

I have bolded specific people for specific reasons and here’s why:

There are THREE male athletes on the roster.  NEED I SAY MORE?  Get your body flipped and dipped for an evening, you know they have the strength!  MMM-mmmmmph…men, sports, sweat, shoulders, rooooowr. Ahem… *single blink*

Brock McLaughlin – Let me introduce you to your fantasies manifested in man-form.  Take it in, take. it. all. in. I haven’t been able to spend as much time with the face attached to this body as I’d like to, but we’re changing that this year.  We’ve made a pact.  So I’m more than willing to not bid on him so you can. Cuz if I bid, Imma win. Let him ‘Rock McLaughlin’ you into thy good night and thank me later.

Casie Stewart It is actually crazy how long I’ve known this sweetness. I remember the first time she came up to me in my tiny corner cubicle YEARS ago and said, “”  I was all, “Wha?” She was all, “Uh huh.”  All I saw was a black/hot pink splash page with her face and COMING SOON on it.  With her full body Casie-laugh she said, “Just wait” and now look at what she’s done with herself. She’s my love and inspiration.  You will want to win this date!

Sofi Pa – I have only known a year and yet she’s one of my dearest friends.  You may have heard of her, Sexy Typewriter?  Yeah, THAT IS HER!  She’s the reason this blog you’re reading right now even exists.  I love her with my whole heart.  You want a bombshell?  BOOM!  It can all be yours…if the price is right.

All proceeds raised will go to The Heart and Stroke Foundation


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