I’m Down On Bended Knee…

Please press play: 

HEY LADIES…  Please stop wearing heels you cannot walk in to the club.  But also, don’t wear them ever.  *single blink*  Here are a plethora of reasons why:

  1. You look like this (please see Exhibit ‘A’ below).
  2. Multiply the bullet point above by a plethora.

Exhibit 'A'

Straighten up (literally), stay inside or wear a ballet flat so I can mock you aloud.  The day you can do this repeatedly in stilettos….

Model: Me (@bettykiss) | Photo: Sylvia Pereira (@sylvieonabun) | Makeup: Elle St. Aubyn (@ellestaubyn) | Hair: Sheryl (Head Turners) | Dress: Breeyn McCarney (@breeynmccarney)

…AND live to tell the tale, we can chat.  Until that time, leave it to the professionals.


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