For some Friday flirty-fab-flirtatious-fun times,  I took this quiz from Her Campus to see what it said about my flirting style and what guys think of it.  You ready? Here are my results:

The Forward Flirt

You are the type of girl that will very obviously flirt with a guy anywhere, anytime, around anyone. You’re one to walk straight up to a guy and introduce yourself or give him a naughty compliment. You’ll never leave your guy wondering what is on your mind.

Being forward about your feelings is an admirable quality, but be sure you do so in an appropriate and timely matter. A quiet coffee shop is not the right place to loudly announce how sexy your guy’s butt looks in his new jeans. Show him a bit of your softer side and watch him melt.

I can make men melt?  But wait…  Since when?  So I hit the streets like I said I would and asked some fellas these questions:

Do you like when a woman approaches you first?  Is the aggressiveness a turn-off?  Should the first move be made by the man?

Once I assured these random gentlemen they weren’t in any stranger-danger, the results were unsurprising.  The majority of single men said they really liked when women approached them because it showed confidence and they found that hot.  One guy said it felt good to be wanted and what better way than having an attractive lady show interest in him.  These answers were pretty much the same as any woman I’d suspect – we want to feel wanted, we like men who can step up to the plate, blah blah blah – the same. What I found most interesting were some of the explanations for NOT approaching women first.

I met a couple of hesitant single men last week at a rock show. I told them I was writing a blog and received the obligatory, “Oh…just a blog,” and they were all about giving me the what-the-what of a single guy’s thought process.   Shy Guy McSweetface, or Guy #1, said he loves when a woman bridges the chat gap first.  His example: if he was riding an empty subway train and a beautiful girl was sitting solo, he would NOT make the first move.  And I quote, “I only approach girls in an atmosphere where they’d want to be approached.”  *single blink*  I don’t know if I speak for the majority of single gals so I’ll just speak for me… That is EXACTLY the right time to talk to me!!!  The type of conversations left up to the Night of the Roxbury-types at the bar/club (which is what he meant by the appropriate atmosphere) is so unbecoming I can’t even begin to tell you… So I won’t…  We want nice dudes to strike up conversation at the coffee shop, in the supermarket or on an almost-empty train when we’re daydreaming about nice dudes who never approach us while we’re RIDING AN EMPTY TRAIN.

Needless to say, this was news to them.  And THAT was news to me.  I know we (men & women) do not speak the same language at the best of times but the varied viewpoints from the select males I’ve spoken to have been shocking.

I’m pretty sure women will man-up and make the first move more often than ever before as we continue to evolve. But for the love of God and the testes you were blessed with; if you see a cute girl in your everyday, the-sun-is-out-and-dance-beats-are-long-forgotten life and you wish to know her better, just……say…..hello.  We’ll take it from there.  We gotchu.

Please press play: 


One response

  1. Interesting read. The average male doesn’t feel comfortable approaching an attractive female in a less crowded atmosphere O_o. I thought the pressure would be less and outcome greater. Like you said above we (women & men) speak totally different languages …..its a surprise we
    get along at all. Lol

    Hope more male beings read this blog and understand how much more of a chance they would get with an attractive woman in an atmosphere such as above mentioned. Lol

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