Self Esteem

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I apologize for my rudeness yesterday but a post just wasn’t going to happen for several reasons I shan’t bore you with. I decided to pre-empt today’s regularly scheduled post to leave the jokes behind and get real.  Come along for the ride.

There’s one piece of advice I always give and wish I could follow: everyone must recognize their worth. If you don’t see it, you won’t attract the good people.  And if they do find you, they won’t hang around for long.  I’m not talking about Prince Charming or your own personal Dreamweavin’-Tia Carrere.  People don’t want to hang around a Debbie Downer – it’s scientific fact.

Last night I had my bi-monthly “Oh poor me” phase.  It’s THE worst. I’m completely incapable of figuring out my worth and my brain never fails to repeat this over and over again.  How is this possible? I’ve been in this body going on 31 years and the emotional roller coaster I’m constantly on is speeding me into the Tunnel Of Insanity without taking any safety precautions.  Again I say, rude. *single blink*

Here are some hidden truths you may or may not know about yours truly: I suffer from OCD, zero self-esteem, repetitive stress disorder in both hands which make the simplest of everyday tasks extremely difficult, insomnia, body dysmorphia? (oh yeah!) and a social anxiety disorder that makes leaving the confines of my home a daily nightmare.  These aren’t huge, OMG truths nor is this my 2012 Campaign for Sympathy.  It’s just me, I live with it, I deal.  Would you have known most of this stuff if I didn’t just lay it out?  Probs not because 90% of the time I’m David Copperfield circa the 90s…you can’t figure out m’tricks! I joke a lot to mask a lot but it’s always been there.

So for you ladies and gents, who choose to ignore what ails you or think you’re the only one who has issues…we all do.  Some people just carry it in cute little clutches as opposed to broken-down, second hand attaché cases (I’m trying to be more of the former).

Do NOT go through life regretting things you did or didn’t do.
ALWAYS go with your gut, no matter what!
NEVER let anyone tell you you’re something you’re not.
LIVE in the now and don’t worry about tomorrow.

It’s easier said than done…I know it.  I’m a work in progress, but trust – I’ll get the work done.  I hope you do too.


6 responses

  1. Another great one!
    Truthful like we KNOW u are.
    U right we all have issues and we all “hide” it to keep sane. If our thoughts could talk & we had no censor piece we’d be in real trouble. I know I’d be a HoT mess. Lol


    • I think the complete opposite. I think if everyone just laid it out and let people know things aren’t okay 100% of the time – we’d be a more compassionate society with patience and understanding. I’m not saying everyone should tell everyone everything, but I definitely think that if people are having trouble, they should find someone to talk to and not bottle it up. Whether that be professional help or a good family member/friend.

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