Red Light Special

Is this post’s title a reference to TLC’s illustrious sophomore album CrazySexyCool? You can bet Chilli’s sideburns it is!  I’m a slave to the red light.  I get a fevah waiting for it to go off.  It’s anxiousness, impatience, and addiction rolled into one and the second I see that fiery blink… Awwwww man, it’s ecstasy.

Why do message notifications on my phone elicit such strong feelings?  I really can’t answer that but it puts me in a state of euphoria every single time. I think the better question is: Who am I waiting to hear from?  Answer: NO-F*CKING-BODY!  I remain optimistic that eventually the blinking red light will mean a text-messaged sweet nothin’ from my heart’s desire instead of a Groupon for a 2.5 hour jam session with fellow downtown musicians. *single blink*

Mad props to my boo, my baby, my BlackBerry.   And to the single fellas – call me, beep me…if you want to reach me.

Please press play: 


3 responses

  1. Too tru! Man oh man its terrible how we are a slave to the red light, chimes, ringtone, “vibrations”……oooooh the vibrations. Sorry I’m back. Love this one too.

    Keep em coming!


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